Child Formation Gr. 3-5

You are your child’s first teacher in the Catholic faith! Praying with your children, taking them to Mass and the Sacraments regularly, and being a good example to them are the most important ways to set them on the path to Meet, Know, Love and Serve Christ. At St. Charles Parish we hope to assist you in that vital role by praying with your children and teaching, discussing and reinforcing the traditions and teachings of the Catholic Church with them during our Child Formation Sessions.

All of our sessions run for 1.5 hours and meet approximately 3 times each month from September until just before Easter. Please find a detailed calendar on our website or stop by the office to pick up a print copy.

For Grades 3-5, St. Charles offers Child Formation sessions in a traditional classroom setting where we also encourage prayer, music, games, crafts and conversation.

Our Grade 3-5 Classes are offered at two different times each week:
• Sunday Morning 10:45 am – 12:45 pm
• Wednesday Evening 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

To Register for Child Formation Sessions, please fill out our online form HERE (one per child and recently updated on 8-13-20) and return the enclosed Emergency Medical and Payment forms (one of each per family) along with your payment to the Child Formation Office.

As always, please contact us in the Child Formation Office with any questions or concerns (contact information below).

Please Note: 6th Grade is now covered by our Middle School Ministry using the Life Teen EDGE Program. Please visit for details and to sign up.

  • Children’s Discipleship
    (262) 367-3277 ext. 205

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